Should You Consider Roof Heat Proofing?


brown and white concrete house

The summer season is just around the corner. Which means you need to prepare yourself for the scorching sun, rising mercury levels, and unbearable heat waves. No one wants paying hefty electricity bills for running your air conditioners and room coolers 24/7. So, you should consider heat proofing your roof to bring down the temperature inside your home. But are you among the people who are apprehensive about the benefits of roof heat proofing? and wonder if the treatment actually works, this blog is meant just for you.


The main methods of roof heat proofing include installation of heat-resistant roofing sheets, application of modified bitumen membrane, application of roof cooling paint and built-up roofing. 

The advantages of roof heat proofing are as follows:

Temperature Reduction:

One of the biggest (and most apparent) benefits of this is that it significantly lowers the temperature inside your house. Whether you opt for the installation of heat resistant sheets or choose to paint your roof with white reflective chemicals. Your roof will be able to reflect the sweltering sun rays. And also prevent the heat radiation from absorbing into its surface. 

It Helps Decrease Your Energy Consumption

Mid-summer heat waves can be quite intense, leaving people with no other option than to run their air conditioning units around the clock, hoping for a reprieve from the excruciating weather. However, the frequent power breakdowns and skyrocketing electricity charges make it almost impossible for most of us to turn on our ACs for prolonged periods. Another thing that most homeowners are unaware of is that ACs consume a lot more power to make up for the temperature difference in summer months when the heat dissipation from the inside of your home consequently increases the heat temperature, resulting in a heftier bill.

Convenient Lifestyle

If you live on the top floor of a building, you probably loathe summer more than anything. Since there is no such protective barrier between your roof and the sizzling sun, which means nothing is stopping the concrete from absorbing the heat, thus making your home feel incredibly hot. 

How Well Can Roof Heat Proofing Keep Your Home Cool?

There is no doubt that heat proofing your roof can keep your home cool by lowering the rate of heat absorption. But the extent to which it can serve its purpose may vary with each house. Depending on its architecture, construction and location among other factors. If you live on the lower floor of a building, opting for this treatment on the roof of the top-most floor won’t likely make much difference in the temperature of your home. 

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