Pros and Cons of renting furnished houses?


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Furnished houses are becoming popular day by day. Moving heavy furniture and appliances is the most challenging part of moving into a new place and this is where these houses come in. Not only do you have to arrange your furniture, but also most likely have to assemble it and then try to figure out if it would fit your new room. It’s a hassle, to say the least. It is also one of the main reasons why a lot of people prefer renting furnished homes nowadays. Whether you opt for renting a furnished apartment or a furnished house, have not to take stress of lugging heavy furniture to your new place. In fact, furnishing is one of the top features that attract tenants. We in this blog, will examine this further.

Features of Furnished Rental Properties:

Usually, fully furnished apartments for rent come with basic furniture such as living room sofa and coffee table, dining table and chair, bed and dresser, basic kitchen appliances and cabinetry. Some units may also include a washing machine, dishwasher and other electronic appliances to facilitate the tenants. However, the things you get while renting these homes depends largely on the landlord, the rent and overall demand of the property.

Some furnished homes boast expensive furniture, luxurious carpets, modern light fixtures and the latest kitchen appliances. Meanwhile, other units may only include basic necessities and décor.


  • One of the major advantages of furnished apartments and houses is that you don’t have to splurge on new furniture and save you from money. Renting furnished homes helps you save some money upfront by not investing in furniture and other appliances.
  • Renting furnished homes is extremely popular among people looking for short-term rentals. For example, if you have to move to another city to pursue higher education or for a better employment opportunity, you wouldn’t want to invest into furniture and other necessities knowing that you’ll be leaving in a few months or a year.
  • Moving is not an easy process. Comparatively, moving into a furnished apartment or a house is both cost and time effective. You only have to pack your personal belongings and transport a small number of boxes to the new place.


  • The monthly rent for such apartment or house is more than other unit. Even if you consider a semi-furnished apartment for rent, it’s still going to cost you considerably higher than the alternative.
  • You need to take extra care in case if you children or pets as in case of any damage, you will have to repair or replace the said pieces of furniture or pay your landlord a fine for not being able to take care of the place.
  • Sometimes, the condition of furniture is not good. Offcourse, if you are planning to rent a furnished home, you might not be the first tenant to live there.

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