Kitchen Décor Trends this year


brown wooden seat beside white wooden table

A great Kitchen Décor Trend signifies the quality of lifestyle. In today’s blog, we will discuss some of the Kitchen Décor Trends for the year 2021. The year 2020 saw some of the most dramatic changes in people’s lifestyles. The year was stagnant and meant a complete shift to how we view living spaces, and the need to modify them as per personal preferences. For this reason, there is a lot that has happened in terms of home decor ideas for 2021. This year it is all about using your home space efficiently, especially kitchen and repurposing it in a trendy way.


Most houses around the world opted for monotone interiors, a design palette that entered the kitchens as well in past years. In 2021 we are seeing a lot more versatility as well as functionality in home decor, especially kitchens. 

Bold Colors

Bold colors are now replacing monotones and nude shades. Retro-colored cabinets are back but with a modern spin! It’s not about bright colors in 2021, it’s more about darker shades for cabinets as well as walls. We are seeing a lot of forest green, dark blue, black, grey, warmer tones of red, and in some cases brown as well. But these colors have to be used in moderation and in a manner that looks aesthetically pleasing. You have to remember that darker shades make spaces look smaller, and might not always be ideal for homes in warmer climates.

Open Plan or Broken Plan?

With more people in indoors because of coronavirus lockdowns, there is a growing recognition that kitchens are additional spaces that need to be made more livable. We are, therefore, seeing a lot of broken planning, relative to open floor plans. This broken plan kitchen will therefore mean that you’ll have a separate, specific kitchen area in comparison with an open-space kitchen.

Gold Finishes

Gold finishings are a major trend for the year 2021. Such kitchen sinks, gold or brass lighting fixtures, and gold knobs are all the things that you should consider to amplify the overall appearance of your kitchen. However, you need to be careful when installing these. 

Your gold furnishings should be the centerpiece of your kitchen, and all other items such as cabinets, countertops, walls, and flooring should accentuate these furnishings.

Floating Shelves

These are perfect if you want to save money on cabinets. For wider and longer walls, floating shelves are an accessory that can be decorated with your colorful dining sets, vases, mason jars, mugs, and vintage plate collections. 

Pendant Lights

You’ll find pendant lights in most cafes and restaurants these days. They are essential, along with cabinet lighting. You can install Edison bulbs on rope and that can be a DIY-pendant light. A large number of lights stores have retro as well as new-age pendant lights. These are used above islands or any area designated for plating and/or cutting. 

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