How to Maintain Air Quality?


smoke comes out from industrial factory chimney

Air Quality is deteriorating day by day and Increasing air pollution across the urban centers of the world is increasing the health risks; moreover, the presence of air pollutants in the atmosphere is also threatening the biodiversity of our planet. The increasing carbon emissions in the atmosphere are gradually polluting the air of our ecosystem and shrinking the space for fresh air.  Every year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) releases advisories and jot down preventive measures for the people vulnerable to air pollution so that hazardous impacts of air pollution can be diminished.

It is a common occurrence that when ambient (outdoor) air pollution reaches hazardous levels people tend to stay indoors, however, the major focus on ambient (outdoor) air pollution somehow downplays the importance of indoor air quality. The maintenance of it can offset the negative impacts of air pollution. Moreover, for healthy lifestyle maintenance of indoor air quality should be along with the maintenance of homes.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) as defined by the United States Environmental Protection Agency pertains to the air quality in the surroundings. And also insides of the building which has a direct impact on the health of occupants. If we don’t pay attention to indoor air quality, we will experience long-term effects.

Maintaining Air Quality:

Home ventilation systems are the primary source of maintaining the indoor air in homes. Architects pay special focus on ventilation while designing home ventilation systems. They do this to channelize the fresh air inside the homes from outside. Therefore, in order to have better indoor quality, homes while construction should have proper ventilation channels to maintain this metric.

Another method that can prove useful for maintaining IAQ is plant based indoor air purification. This one of the most convenient methods that we can easily install in each household with a little effort.

Air purifiers have great efficacy in those areas where ambient metric has reached toxic levels. Air purifiers consist of various filters that circulate the indoor air. And trap pollutants, pet dander, smoke, and dust, and then release the filtered air in the room.

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