Beginners’ guide for buying a used house


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Buying a used house is not a new trend. For middle class and people with salaries, it is common to buy such houses. If you’re a novice in the property market and do not know where to begin – read along to know about the best available deals in the property market.

For the better understanding of the realm of real estate, we at Enterprise House Buyers always try to come up with such educational blogs which give you better insights of the field. Today’s house-buying guide will also assist you in identifying deceitful mediators who are ever-ready to pounce on innocent buyers.

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Unlike purchasing a used vehicle, buying a used house or an apartment is a major or even a once-in-a-lifetime investment. So, the examination process includes more than just kicking the tires. Decide on your deal breakers including the basics as well as luxurious requirements. For instance, browsing through the quality of the windows and the materials for furnishing the house is extremely crucial and can be an excellent way to begin the inspection process. You can then move to think about your purpose of buying a used house and your unique requirements. Also, make it a point to surf the neighborhood, which means just glancing at the building is not enough – you need to examine the surrounding area and ask critical questions such as:

  • Is the area prone to natural disasters?
  • What is the reputation of the area and the seller?
  • Are you paying higher than the actual market value of the property?
  • Is the property insured, and what does the home insurance cover?


A home inspection is a necessary part of purchasing a used house in any part of the world. To explain in simpler words; a home inspection is an examination process carried out on the condition of the property on sale. It is usually conducted by qualified house inspectors who evaluate the property and look into stuff like the roof, foundation, plumbing, wiring, and drainage systems. Apart from that, they also closely examine heating and cooling systems, emergency exits, fire system, and safety measures. Furthermore, house inspectors also look into any signs of infestations or damage caused by fire or water or any similar issue that threatens the resale value of a property.


Imagine the ordeal of buying a house that demands more maintenance than your current financial and physical position allows you. Or imagine having everything in order but the commute time from your residence to your work and your children’s school is too much to handle. Or maybe there are no commute options at all. To avoid scenarios like these, it is always better to study the neighborhood and look for the things mentioned below:

  • Average household utility bills – per unit charges according to the areas
  • Building/Community/Society maintenance charges
  • Any additional costs related to the maintenance of the property

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